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Upcoming Events


Most of the Church groups and activities have restarted after the Christmas New Year break so check the times on the Calendar or contact the organiser.

Easter is early this year and as soon as the service times are confirmed we will publish them here.

Seniors Friendship  Lunch

We are celebrating our 8th year in the history of these luncheons. From a small start with 26 guests, predominantly from our congregation, we now average 70 guests with the majority coming from the local community.
These bi-annual events are proving very popular and our reputation continues to grow. The dates for this year’s luncheons are Wednesday, 16th March and Wednesday, 19th October.
Wednesday, 16th March at 11.30am. The entertainment at this luncheon will be provided by The Wesley Singers.

Sunday Coffee Club

A number of the congregation meet for a leisurely cup of coffe, tea or milkshake and conversation on most Sundays from about 11.30. We meet at one of the Coffee shops at the top of the escalator. All are welcome to join us.

Community Forums

Joint Congregation Activity with NORMANHURST Congregation

Our first joint activity is an interfaith forum programme, for both Congregations are very conscious of the changing religious and cultural diversity within our community. We are also conscious of the critical need for a harmonious community. This can be achieved through increasing awareness of God’s gift of diversity, recognizing that we have more in common while needing to understand and respect our differences. Ultimately, we need to be agents for a cross-cultural Australia and not just a multi-cultural Australia.

These forums are supported by Hornsby Council and will be locally advertised. Also a Facebook page has already been set up:


Know Your Neighbour - Celebrating Diversity

Sponsored by the Uniting Church in Australia on

Tuesday 22nd March at 1 Paling Street, Thornleigh (Christian, Buddhist and Sikh faiths) and

21st April at Buckingham Street, Normanhurst (Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths)

Forums start at 7.30pm and finish by 9.30pm. Tea, coffee and refreshments available.

These will be community discussions.

The goal of the evenings is social inclusion and community harmony in modern day Australia.

Come and

- join the local community celebrate Australia’s multi-culturalism and diversity from a faith-sharing perspective.

- learn about different faiths, their commonalities and differences, and how we can be a harmonious cross-cultural Australia.

- hear how we can achieve tolerance, respect for each other, and social inclusion.


All are welcome. Please encourage whom all you know and meet to come to these two forum discussions.

Enquiries to Gill and Jim Mein on 9980 8670 or 0408 660 591

Or Lyn Drabsch on 9487 2786 or 0401 665 836


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